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Push-to-watch (PTW) over cellular (2,5G, 3G technology) is a PoC-like service extended to the transmission of multimedia streams including video. A PTW server is part of the IMS platform used to provide IP service to mobile users of cellular networks. The RTCP protocol is usually implemented by PoC/PTW server/client entity to correctly stream RTP packets in may-to-many sessions opened by the canonical SIP INVITE method. Floor control is a typical procedure charged to RTCP for regulating the exclusive access to the common resource. RTCP is a demanding protocol in term of resources, so that in case the duplication of media flows is unneeded, as in one-to-one sessions, RTCP is not the optimum.; The described floor control method in one-to-one SIP sessions, implemented both by the PTW server and the client soft-phone, derogates from RTCP in favour of the SIP MESSAGE method described in the IETF RFC 3428 appositely for Instant Messaging. To this aim, the header field "Subject" or any other proprietary header field of SIP MESSAGE request includes either the attributes: Idle, Request, Grant, Taken, Deny, and Release just for extending this method to the floor control. Corresponding SIP MESSAGE requests are provided to carry out the following procedures: "Floor Request at Session Initialization", "Floor Requested with Floor Idle", "Floor Requested with Floor already granted", and "Floor Release (fig.5).

Sip based floor control method in "push to" over cellular services
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1729475 (A1)
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May 31, 2005
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December 6, 2006
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