409,468. Fishing. HARDING, W. E., and MODERN ARMS CO., Ltd., 58, Southwark Bridge Road, London. Jan. 20, 1933, No. 1912. [Class 48.] A clutch for connecting a spool 9 to a winding plate 6 comprises pivoted shoes 20 which are brought into engagement with the spool edge 26 by a plunger-actuated cam 24. The spring plunger 27 is retwined in its inoperative position by a catch 31. The spool brake comprises a band spring 10 which is housed in a recess between and end-plate 1 and the spool 13. A pivoted arm engages the brake lever and holds it in any position. The spool is mounted by a ball-bearing on a fixed sleeve 2.

Improvements in or relating to fishing reels
Application Number
GB19330001912 19330120
Publication Number
409468 (A)
Application Date
January 20, 1933
Publication Date
May 3, 1934
Modern Arms
William Ethelbert Harding
A01K 89/00
A01K 89/033
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