565,176. Internal-combustion turbines. STANLEY, G. W., and WILD, F. Sept. 10, 1942, No. 12762. [Class 110 (iii)] Steam generated in water jackets of combustion chambers C is used in the combustion turbine A, or may be directed to a separatesteam turbine driving the same shaft B, or another shaft. Air is supplied by a compressor D to an inlet c, and fuel by a pump C. A valve E controls the entry of the gases into the turbine. Water is sprayed into each jacket by a pump G. Steam from the jackets may be collected in an accumulator G and supplied under control of a valve g to the turbine, or to another. Steam may also be injected through nozzles h in a condenser H. The accumulator may be dispensed with. Specification 491,616 is referred to.; The Provisional Specification states that each combustion chamber may have internal spiral fins or ribs, the edges of which become very hot and fire charges of gas, after initial firing by electrical means.

Improvements in internal combustion and steam turbines
Application Number
GB19420012762 19420910
Publication Number
565176 (A)
Application Date
September 10, 1942
Publication Date
October 31, 1944
Frederick Wild
George William Stanley
F01K 21/00
F01K 21/04
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