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A method of searching a collection of data that includes specifying a compound query having two or more search parameters; identifying data objects in the collection that match the search parameters; and providing results that include both an identification of matching data objects and an extent to which the objects match respective ones of the search parameters. The extent of match is shown by graphical bars having elongated segments of a unique color associated with each search parameter so that the user may visually appreciate the relevance of respective parameters in the compound query. A client device communicating with a server, receives an applet to effect the user interface. Each search parameter has an associated unique color and the user may specify a range of relevance desired in the results by altering the strength of any one of the search parameters. A computer-readable medium embodying program code and a corresponding apparatus are also disclosed.

Method, system, and article to specify compound query, displaying visual indication includes a series of graphical bars specify weight relevance, ordered segments of unique colors where each segment length indicative of the extent of match of each object with one of search parameters
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7296021 (B2)
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May 21, 2004
Publication Date
November 13, 2007
Tracee Wolf
Westchester County
Peter Malkin
Westchester County
Derek S Jennings
Lawrence Harbin
International Business Machines Corporation
G06F 3/048
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G06F 17/30
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